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  • Public, useful, explained version - when im ready. i dont feel like that yet.
  • Private, basic, 1.0 version - ask for it in private and im going to send you the dl link.
" Could you possibly tell me some useful tips about drawing? "
dream, love, feel. : )
1. — let it bloom in your head, dont control it, dont be afraid if it doesnt look like he looks like (who cares? :) dont worry about it), dont limit yourself down.
2. — fall in love with your subject, and feel that emotion through in every single line .. and when you finish the drawing you will see that people will feel what you felt.
3. — make it personal, dont just copy it : ) in my (private > < ) tutorial it was one of my topic: your subject(s) should never be alone on the paper, you should be there too!

Neverland Series

Other Series

  • im not open for commissions now “officially”. i dont really have time. but you can always give it a try, and see if we have any luck : ) 
  • if i do: it will cost you around the price of a starbucks black tea latte + cheesecake, if you invited me. twice ( (you + me) x 2). ^_~ you can actually do “pay” like that if we are in the same country : D otherwise ask for exact details.