Questions & Answers



  • to share my works on sites i didn’t share (weibo, facebook, etc), im only happy if more people can enjoy them. i only ask in return to credit me. — credit me as: Gaborovna.
  • to download them, to use as icon, banner, background, sidebar, to make gifs, etc. = for personal use. 
  • to make gifs from my videos, write your own fanfic, or make anything thats inspired by my works ——— just share them with me! im happy for gifs, but i get really angry when you do it under the table. im not going to ask you to delete anything until its for personal use and didnt re-edited the original. i just want to know about it, and share with everyone what a nice thing you did. : )
  • to edit them in any way
  • to remove my watermark, credit, name
  • to use them in any non-personal way (anything that directly or indirectly creates money for you)






  • tools I usually use: pencils (range from 5H to 6B), pens (0.4mm or smaller, black, sometimes white gel), ink, watercolours
  • paper: i prefer A2/B2, but lately I usually use A3 or 8K. 120g, light grained or similar. 
  • brands:
    pencils: faber-castell, koh-i-noor,

    pens: stabilo, uni-ball (gel),

    paper: canson - light grain.

    watercolours: leningrad

  • time i usually spend on an illustration: simple ones: 5-8 hours; detailed big illustrations: 30-50 hours.
  • im not scanning, im taking photos of them (with d90)
  • im drawing for about 5 years now. started at the age of 19.
  • im an art academy student, majoring in visual communication. working as a designer.
  • i do use reference photos usually (google, fy-exo)
  • im not taking requests. commission info below.
  • im rarely drawing non-fanart art
  • im really really happy when im inspiring someone, im also inspired by many (especially kpop), thats how everyone goes forward. but i might get angry when i see someone doesnt really understand the differences between inspire - copying. i barely can see a point of copying either, dont you all have a huge world inside thats only yours, share that, share it. thats the difference. 
  • i get inspired everywhere. fanarts are mostly inspired by the person i drew himself.
  • the Neverland Series has a fanfic story, written into chapters at asianfanfics . keep up with the updates, and stay calm, quality takes time. any further question to the author: Kii. — update: she disappeared after the high demand she had to face and feeling unable to fulfill. 
  • original arts are not available right now
  • dont have
  • im making some playlists similar to the songs you can hear under my videos. you can find them here: 8tracks.com/e11ie


  • status: CLOSED
  • update about it coming in 2014 autumn


  • im not following back automatically, but sometimes i do check some of my followers who i see often around, and if i like their blog of course then im following back. dont ask me to follow back, check your blog or advertise you, i wont. 
  • i dont have an email i can share here now. if you want to contact me you have to do it through the social sites im available at. see the list here:  http://kpope11ie.tumblr.com/links
  • you can also always send me an message here. if you do not want it to be public just write it in the end that you want me to answer in private. i do answer them, it might take some time though.