himynameisboo asked:

I am not sure whether this has been asked before - I've read your FAQ and most of your Q&A and I haven't seen anything related to it. However, I might have overlooked it, so if you've answered it, I'm very sorry. I just wanted to know if you are currently taking tattoo commisions or if you're planning to. I am a big fan of your art and if I have to pay someone to design my tattoo I'd rather pay you, tbh. Sorry if this question bothers you or something. Thanks in advance, and have a nice day :).

nah, you didnt miss that information. nothing regarding commission is updated yet. 
i dont really announce it out loud, but if you want tattoo commission i most likely can find the time to do it. my pricing for commissions - tattoos as well - are based on the time it takes for me to create it.

> tiny tattoos (max 2cm): 10$ - in this case you will get one or more than one geometrical forms builded together (like a simple emblem) or one specific flower in minimal or something like that - a symbol created for you based on the things you want to achieve or strengthen or remember (protection, power, the support of your family, etc things like that)

> middle sized tattoos (max 7cm): 20$ 

> big tattoos (max 20cm): 40$

i dont start drawing it before the full amount of money is transferred to my paypal account and i have received it. however, i want to talk about your tattoo first, in case you want something i know i wont be able to make, so i can tell it ahead.
there is no refunding, and you pay up to 5 corrections (creating the final tattoo-ready version out of the sketches is not a correction, since thats just cleaning up my own sketch. meaning of correction: i want a flower on the head, nah now i want a rainbow in the place of legs, nope now i feel like i want a horse instead of this whole thing, etc. i dont want to sit over your tattoo redrawing based on your desires in the upcoming 5 years, with this im just protecting myself). after 5 corrections im either making it tattoo-ready right there and dropping the pen, or you pay the same amount again. i want you to think about it well, and ask a change when you are absolutely sure you want that change and thought it through several times.
if you are thinking of asking the tiny tattoo and resize it to full body, i hope you will change your mind. tiny tattoos are created for super small size, with limited details, while bigger size leaves place for rich details and a lot of opportunities.


1) ask me if i have time to take your tattoo commission. send me a message here on tumblr or twitter or to erika@gaborovna.com email address. 
(i will reply, might take couple of days though)

2) after i answered “yes” you can start to explain what you want, and how you want it (theme, topic, style). this is where i decide if you are asking something im capable of making or not.

3) if we come to the decision that i am capable of making your wishes come true, then im asking you to pay to my paypal: erika@gaborovna.com
(pay only after i have sent you the following in written form: “im going to draw your tattoo.” - any payment received before i have agreed to anything will not be refunded.)

4) after that we are getting to work together.
be prepared to answer to the following questions: 
> where you want your tattoo placed (if you have something special (covering a scar) then im asking you to send a photo of it so i know what i have to do), 
> your reasons for this tattoo and its story in details,
> what kind of person you are and what you treasure in your life.  
i enjoy symbolism and have studied specifically symbolism for several years personally, i think they have power, and they can give you a lot if you have them close, especially when you wear them on your skin. i try to build the proper symbols for you personally into the drawing i make for your tattoo.

5) im sending sketches for you to check, 2-4 for the start, so you can have a choice, with different style and level of craziness, you can have all of them too, but im making tattoo-ready just one. you can choose that one and decide you are already happy with how it looks like right that moment, or you can ask me to correct that only one here and there if you “kind of like this one the most, but it would be better if this and that here and there you know” up to 5 times.

6) im sending you digitally the tattoo-ready version.

7) you have to print this out yourself. size-wise of course.

8) find a good (!!!) tattoo salon (take the time to ask around, try to find a popular one) and ask for appointment (if you get an appointment earlier than a month away then just quietly back away and dont ever go back). when your time comes you go with your drawing there, they are going to overtrace it. 

9) wait until your tattoo heals, it takes 2-3 weeks, then take a photo of it and send it to me : D i love to see my works getting life somewhere in some way.


- my style is black and white. i can try to make a coloured tattoo for you, but i really wish you wouldnt ask me to do that, im not so sure about my colouring skills, and im not going to hand you anything less than perfect. 
you can however ask the tattoo salon to make the lines in other colour than black if you prefer. please tell me if you are planning to do this though, it might change a lot (e.g. if you want a white tattoo. - as now i know this through personal experience, and im wiser than i was before. )

- my style has high level of symbolism, hinted with surrealism. also clean crispy graphicness. as well as lousy lineart ..-ness or semi-realism. .. i can step a little right or a little left from it, but dont ask me to draw something totally different. totally different would be e.g.: Xoil’s style. thats something i have stepped back from before already once, that would be an example of what im not taking. i have a limit in calligraphy as well.
i would be happy if you could link me to a gallery (e.g. your pinterest) where i can see what style you like, and if you had an album with tattoos you like i would be super happy. : ) (example: my pinterest tattoo album)

- choose me to create your tattoo not because im someone who can draw, but because im someone who draws things you like. the style of the artist you ask to create your tattoo is super important.


this info is only for tattoo commissions. im going to add this to FAQ tomorrow.
i will eventually get to illustration commissions as well. that will be a little more complicated though.

whateverbroski asked:

hello! i love your art, and i've been a fan for a while. if i remember correctly, you drew a jo twins fanart that made wonder... what kpop bands are you into? listening-wise and drawing-wise! keep up the great work ^^

thank you ^ ^*

oh, wow, you even remember that? : D
yea, before exo i did have a fanart life. i even took fanarts to my uni interview in my portfolio. : D some of them are still up on the internet (on dA)
exo changed me a lot, everything has changed, ever since they appeared i didnt really draw anyone else. nor got into any other group. even the ones i loved before and were a fan they kind of slowly faded. exo came and washed everything over with such intensity and power im still speechless about it : D i met a lot of fans, my age even, claiming the same. i really cant explain, when i was loving dbsk and suju, back in time, that was already so much i never had before. later b2st caught me too. 
and then exo came like a hurricane and nothing was left. 

so .. nope, im not really “into” any other group. i cant, really. its like when you love someone, and its not even that you are loyal person, but you cant even look at other male being. … saying this about a group at the age of 24, closer to 25 already, sounds even scary. : D 
im amazed by the staff behind them, achieving this incredible professional work, im all hats off in front of them, the marketing director, the publicist, the creative director, i dont know who they are, but these made exo to be who they are, and i adore them for this. thanks to them exo is bound to become legends. 

i used to love dbsk, suju, and b2st. now i dont really.. i didnt even dl suju’s new album, watched the mv once : / i have lost b2st’s sight with the last TM thing, i didnt even watch that mv not even once, i hate even the idea so much. though hyunseung used to be one of my main inspiration before. i drew him a lot. 

i used to listen to ukiss a lot too, if you asked me before which group i thought had the most ideal “kpop” music, then i would have said them, i was never their fan, but i listened to their albums wow so many times. 

i kind of like bangtan .. their choreo mostly. i dont even know their names. 
i kind of like vixx too, but mostly their mv-s. i dont know who they are, to be honest. 
i like winner, but i only listen to their album, though their songs are making me fall in love. 
if i see infinite update i might check. same for 2am, and boyfriend, and maybe teen top and btob and mblaq. 

i think shinee is the only one close to me beside exo, but i dont count myself as a shawol. not even from far. but i like them. 

i have about 5000 kpop songs on my itunes right now (out of the 7000 songs), and 500 mv-s in my mv folder. and everything is in use, because im always deleting what i dont listen to or not watching, i dont have spare place on my computer.
and still, when you ask this question i cant answer. this is insane. -.-‘

annoying people would say i might be getting old for kpop boybands. but then they see me drooling and screaming over exo, and they just wisely shut up. ^ ^*

(btw, i actually used to be in kdrama before kpop. though in this past year (or two) i didnt really watch kdramas, but i can get attached to actors faster than singers. i believe. like jongsuk, lee minho, or .. lee junki, who was my first ever korean bias ^ ^* )